Sunday, March 22, 2009

There's something bugging me with the thing - he looks fine in the full body shot, and he looks fine to the naked eye (as opposed to the camera). But when I take a picture of just the upper torso, something feels wrong. It's not bad, but this is the angle and puppet that's going to get the most screen time in the whole film. So it's going to bug the crap out of me every time I see it. So I have to fix it. Luckily, it's just a matter of altering bodymass, which is fast and easy to do. I'm having a hard time pining down what the trouble is (see second from top photo with all the photoshopping going on). It seems that his chest isn't wide enough. But when I fix it in photoshop, it doesn't feel like the problem is solved. One of my earlier pictures (top photo, left hand side) feels just right. Hard to figure out why - nothing has changed. It might be because you can't see the outline of his chest. But I think it's more than that. The goofy shoulder flares might be making the shoulders too straight-across-looking.


  1. I'd agree that maybe his shoulders are too straight-across - the rest of him has this older feel to it but the shoulders are very proper - a little slump might suit his demeanour better.

  2. I'm going to try this evening.

  3. I believe what you are reacting to is the height of shoulders in proximity to his head.

    I think the body proportion of the shoulders is correct but that the neck may be slightly too short.

    That's what looks different between the top two photos in this post. The photo on the left appears to have a longer neck because you can't see the beard in shadow. On the right the flares look much closer to his jawline. Check it out.

    He needs to relax.

  4. Yeah, it's totally true. He was doing some neck-squishing. It seems to have been a triple combo of suck that was throwing it off. Think I have it figured now though.


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