Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Probably won't be be posting as much junk in the next while; alot of what i'm doing is a repetition of old stuff - not breaking much new ground. Like armatures, body mass, etc.

Day 3 of my 9-day work binge. Last two days weren't very productive at all, really. I forgot that i'm never productive when i'm poor. It's hard making a huge film and making a living on the side.

But i'm working on puppets Henry Ford style - assembly line fashion. The armatures sure are easy to make - not much more left on the two i'm working on. The body mass will take longer, but the process is pretty nailed down now. So should go fast. The robot heads take the longest - they involve alot of small tasks, and waiting in between (for various things to dry). The plan is to go back to the costumes/armatures during those down times. For the previous puppet, I did jack during the down time, as it weren't fun at all and I was happy to stop.

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