Monday, March 16, 2009

Did a pretty important thing today; I have taken next to no sideview pictures of the thing. That's cause it looked wrong-ass. I added a large amount of bulk to the waist, to fatten him up. It immediately felt more real, and correct.

In other news, exciting stuff is happening. We've got a workspace - an office/studio in Chinatown. The power there sucks, but Mike Addison (post guy/editor, etc.) is having it fixed. And Dave Sikma (DOP) is going out and buying all sorts of nifty lighting gear. And everybody's getting pretty pumped to start filming. It's nice to have the old crew back together, and excited for a film.

There's been all sorts of talk about how we're going to do the filming. It's going to be pretty fancy pants. A typical set up will have: the character suspended in mid-air with a rod coming out the back (a' la 'Nightmare Before Christmas', a great way to animate without having the character actually support its own weight all the time), a greenscreen, all sorts of wacky rods and lights, me with a Mac laptop (coming in the mail) running 'Dragon' stop motion software, Dave running around with a lightmetre, and Mike A. on his huge mega-powered giant-screen Mac cranking the shit through AE. Should be fun.

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