Sunday, May 28, 2006


Sometimes people ask me, what are you going to do with this thing when it's finished? Are you going to sell it, or what? Have you guys even like, thought about that at all?

First, we'll get super rich and famous because of our movie. Then, we'll go out and buy Armani suits, which we'll wear exclusively and all the time - we'll buy one, and then immediately soil it with spagetti stains, soya sauce stains, burn marks, and bodily fluids. We won't ever bother washing them - we'll throw it out and buy a new one, or crowds of girls will tear them off our bodies, whichever comes first or is more convenient under the circumstances. We'll drive Italian sports cars, travelling at all times at the highest speed we can manage. We'll always be driving with one hand, as there will be a martini in the other hand at all times. We will also laugh to ourselves constantly in a maniacal a sort of upper-crust sounding screech/giggle. We will crash our Italian sports cars into telephone poles constantly, after which we will go straight to the dealer, martini still in hand, and buy a new one. Which we then will drive off in at top speed.

That is the plan.

I've just noticed that I had the comments setting on 'will not appear without the approval of the moderator'. There were quite a few comments made that didn't therefore appear, but are there now. I removed all the ones that were gratuitously insulting, contained marriage proposals, etc.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


The great Mike Addison, breaker of hearts and shaker of parts, is now officially a resident of Vancouver. Since he has been here, we ave drank some beer, and ave done some talking. Soon, there will be travaille. (That we will do).

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Mike of Addison is currently on his way back; see map of the battle plan above. Mike will get in a car, and drive for a really long time until he gets here. Then, we will go to my house and drink some beers.

Our favorite thing about our project, besides the crushing poverty, is taking the bus to the studio. I take three buses; one from Fraser and Broadway to Granville and Broadway. From there, I take an express bus to Richmond City Centre. I then wait for a very long time for the elusive and semi-mythical 402 to Steveston. The total travelling time is usually an hour and a half, and costs 3 dollars and twenty-five cents. On the way, we get to socialize with lowlifes, and the mentally ill. One such loony, on a recent return trip, followed myself, Dave, and Mike a ways along Broadway, calling us 'jackasses' and threatening to kill us. She did this because she was crazy, and she wouldn't be crazy if she didn't do crazy things, I guess, so she had to do it, which is only reasonable.
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