Friday, April 30, 2010

How you like my ridiculous viking horn? Gonna put a pair of smaller ones on the front. Not very period, but screw it. Should look scary when it burns.
Trying to be methodical with this thing - taking shots, identifying what needs to be fixed/covered up/emphasized and working my way through the list. It's already turning into one of those things wherein I work on it for 8 hours, and nothing seems to change.
The interior has come out a bit Hobbity.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Plans have changed for the carriage; was originally going to be just one element that we'd see at the climax - now it's going to make multiple appearances throughout. It therefore needed to more of a 'set'; removable walls, of a certain size, functioning wheels and doors etc. Also needs to be quite durable to withstand all the handling. Rather than being something we take three pictures of only and put aside. Also helpful being wooden, so we can char it up for the last scene. Meaning partially burn it. There were two scenes that were going to take place on two unique sets - we've scrapped them and put them in the carriage.
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