Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cornelisz is looking a bit haute couture.

The costume is coming along pretty quickly; it hasn't been easy, but there haven't been any major stumbling blocks or issues. Which is nice for a change. Might even finish it in the next few days. Which means i'll have a whole puppet done, whoopee. I'm backing off on the period-osity with the costume. I tried a few real specific embellishments, and they turned me off.

Should be able to start staining and mucking up his coat pretty soon. That'll be fun. Going to be pretty dark overall - lots of dirt, grease, and earthtones. To match his habitation.


  1. Looks GREAT! your pics all look
    like you run a Filter over them or somthing to get that flat 2d feel to them.

    such a unique look.


  2. Thanks. It's just HDR photography - the easy make-nifty-er.


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