Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spent almost an entire day battling design problems. Needed more stuff to fill the big empty spaces and make it feel more like a window. Tried all sorts of things; probably about 5 different attempts in total. Even got as far as building a jig for making an asian-looking window grate. But those problems are solved - just a couple hours left to finish this thing. Then I gotta knock off the (much simpler) side wall, and the floor. For the floor, i'm just gonna make a big-ass photoshop file and get it printed out full-size on photo paper. And glue the sucker on there.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here's a crude mock-up of what the final result may look like. Cornelisz is in there for scale.

This big whacky thing is going to be a huge wrought-iron window. Or patina copper, rather. For the Interior of Lord William's digs. There will be other elements, but this will be the main one. Going to go for a less ambitious set. Just some strong design.

I had a different plan, but I had to scrap it when it became apparent that it would be too expensive. So I photographed the stuff that I had, and photoshopped this big whacky design.
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