Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Well, the liquid latex works. The 'whole head impression' thing ain't so great, however. To get it off, I just peeled it off inside out. After taking a test cast of the inside, I found that taking it off had creased it. It also isn't thick enough to hold its shape on its own. If I made it thick enough to do that, I doubt i'd be able to take it off.

So, i'm going to do liquid latex impression in two separate halves, and then try to marry the two resulting latex halves together by painting the seams with more liquid latex. Should work.

I'm also going to make the impression super-ass thick. I'm going to buy a big enough container of the stuff that I can just dip it in everytime I want to put a new coat on. Should be really fast to do.

I'm also fairly sure i'm going to redo the clay head. It's just not quite big enough, and it's bugging me. Should be fairly easy the third time around though. It's not too discouraging; it's always better once you've had a practice run. And I would have been bummed if the key piece of sculpure for the film, that's going to get the most screen time, wasn't as good as it could have been. After all, it's only about 10-16 hours of work in a project involving hundreds and hundreds of hours of work.

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