Monday, November 03, 2008

The thing is improving slowly. Well, not slowly at all really; i'll work for 15 minutes and then find an excuse to stop. Working on it is like holding my breath. But it ain't too bad. It's looking more and more like the character I picture in my head. I extended the chin, and worked on the mouth a little.
These here are the best pictures; some of them looked pretty D-. Thanks to my handy storyboard, I know that some of the key shots will have this head filling the frame, with lighting coming from below (Halloween style). The head definately doesn't get a passing grade from that angle with that lighting.
He's also looking a little too well-fed. Going to make him a little more wiry looking.
Ears are going to be attached after the fact; they'll probably screw up my casting if I do them now. And I can hide the joins with hair.

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