Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dear adoring public;

For the next couple of days, i'm doing wee tests with materials; liquid latex, resin, etc. To see how much flex they have, drying times, etc. It's pretty dull, so there's not much to look at.

I'm still waiting for Corn Dog's head to be dry enough to sand. Because i'm so smarty-pants, I know not to put it in the oven to make it dry. I discovered a while ago that that makes the object explode into a bunch of clay shrapnel.


  1. We, your adoring public(s), will wait. :)

  2. im watchin!


  3. Thanks. Though it's not 'adoring' unless i'm having my clothes torn off in shopping malls by screaming girls. But nice girls, who can do taxes and like the same bands I do.


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