Sunday, July 06, 2008

There's one key prop missing, obviously; the painting itself. I was undecided about how to make the thing, as I figured the detail level would have to be pretty high in order for it not to suck. However, i've rediscovered how much detail can be implied with just a few lines and brushstrokes. So i'm just going to print out a lines-only version, glue it on a backing, and paint in some colour washes. The painting will look in-progress, and will be seen to progress as the film goes on.

This snapshot isn't pretty, but it's doing its job. The coloured lines denote the composition; how I want the eye to move. Now I just have to make some junk that will mirror the lines. I might just paint/scratch some streaks on the floor - don't want to bury the set in actual items.

The curved line at the bottom-center of the set is pretty cheeky. I'm going to put crap there just in that shape.

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