Saturday, July 19, 2008

(Pretty much)
Well, that's it. I'm going to spend tommorrow doing a few odd and ends i've been avoiding, such as staining areas that have been sitting unstained for ages, putting the curtain in permanently, etc. I'm also going to go over old notes and ideas and make sure I haven't missed any little elements that will improve it measurably. Otherwise, that's it. The thing is done. Which is good, because the mere thought of it makes me want to puke.
Some of the angles are a bit awkward looking, but all in all, i'm pretty happy with the thing. I really knuckled down and worked on the design of the thing, as I went along, to a much greater degree than I ever have in the past. Its seems to have paid off. I was comparing it to a still from my last stop motion film (which is now ancient); its definately in a different league all together. Which was the idea.
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