Sunday, July 27, 2008

Look, an armature! See, I don't just make huge film sets and then smash them before I use them. It was pretty easy and fast too; spent more time on the bus and buying supplies than I did working on it today. Could probably build another one in three hours. Of course this one lacks arms, but that won't take long.
The next step, after confirming that this thing works via animation tests (1st one was a pass), is to build up the body mass with styrofoam. Then I have to make the head. That should be a right awkward bugger, that one. Then its the costume.
The huge scale of this thing seems to be making everything easier. I'm sure it'll make the costumes and head easier too. I've already demonstrated to myself that the animation is easier, as the increments of movement are just much larger than with a teeny armature.
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