Thursday, April 07, 2011

The painting, underway. It's rather a big file; 12,000 pixels wide. The red rectangle in the upper left is 1920 pixels wide, or maximum zoom in After Effects. The photoshop file of the landscape has three layers; the basic picture, then a shadow layer and a highlight layer; i'm painting into masks to reveal them if I need a dropshadow or a highlight from an added light source.

For the specific close-ups for segues within the story, i'm going to be doing some separate higher-res stuff and parenting them to this file in After Effects. Still not enough resolution in this file for that, even though it's huge.

The middle of the thing is going to be pretty busy and full of people. The edges are gonna be more sparse. There's also going to be some aerial elements that'll go in these parts. I.E. flying things. So the stuff underneath ain't so important. There's some suck going on in the left-hand part; gonna be covered up.

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