Sunday, April 03, 2011

Hell, in progress. I'm going to do this part of the movie for the next two weeks. I was losing my work ethic with the other set; better to switch to something fun and keep working. It's all floral foam. With a tealight in the middle for lighting. I'm going to photoshop all the people into in. Gonna be hard. The puppets i'll be photoshopping in are the same size as the Hell set. I'll figure something out. Also have to figure out how to get enough resolution out of the thing. I did the math today; a nine-photo stitch still wouldn't be enough. And it takes my computer about five minutes to save a photoshop file that's 12,000 pixels wide. Which ain't enough. Gonna have to do some shenanigans with AE, I expect. Parenting high-res close up shots to a lower res wide shot.

Also considering having Dave bust out his medium format on the thing. Might even still have his 4x5. That would do it, for resolution.

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