Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Working on the backgrounds for scene 14. The still of Cornelisz in this shot is just a temp, pulled from another scene.

Trying to do a thing with animated candles. That part of it is working fine. This shot ain't quite working though. I did a focus pull for this shot; shot the background, then shot the foreground bits where the table and candles are separately. Tried to then mask it out, but it ain't quite believable. Not quite buying the candlesticks either. Put them in separately. Gonna have to think of another way to do this. It looks fine in a small compressed clip, but full res HD is another matter. It's completely ruthless; any and all of the suck is visible.

Here's a wee candle test. It's a bit crappy; the camera is moving around and I was blowing on the flames to make em' flicker. So they flicker a bit too much. But it's pretty easy to do. Bumped up the iso and lower the F stop until I could get a decent exposure with a fast shutter speed. Put candles in front of a black background. Turned all the lights off. Then just set the shutter to 'continuous' and held it down. Since the candles are already on a black background, just had to bring the frames in as an image sequence into After Effects, and set the sequence to 'add'. Or maybe it was 'screen'. Either way, it only takes about 10 minutes.

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