Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scene 14 Corndog shots.

Haven't done any colour correct for him yet.

The animation for this scene has been a real bastard. Just can't seem to get it right. By 'right' I mean a pass. Thought i'd be finished this business last week. Not done yet, though there's only five shots of Corndog. The three shots in the clip get a pass. The last half of the last shot is missing. I got tired of waiting for it to render. But he's got a line of dialogue missing.

I had alot of the old HDR problems come back with this scene. I figured i'd us this scene to have it out with the process, so I could should the rest smoothly. I've got things reasonably solid now. A subtle, mild HDR that's going to stay consistent for the rest of the film. And it leaves the bluescreen keyable still.

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