Sunday, August 02, 2009

Being doing other film business these days. Not much that I can show pictures for.

Redid the storyboards for Scene 4; the scene in which Cornelisz expounds upon his idea of beauty via an awkwardly-tied model, and then sets a large bird on Johannes. This is going to be our 'tooling' scene, in which we work out the whole process and workflow. I'm expecting it to take longer than the other scenes.

Going to get together with the crew today and go over the storyboards; print them out big, and stick them up on a wall all together. They've already been altered once thanks to Mike's input. It's not that they're better directors/storyboard conceivers than me, it's just that they have a fresh eye. Which is essential.

Also been talking other business; we've decided to keep the Chinatown studio for five months, tentatively. We figure if can't get alot done in five months, we're beyond help anyways. I hope to do alot more than one scene in that time. Hopefully, all the shots involving the Interior Studio set filmed, at the very least. As soon as those are done, we'll drop the studio.

I've been running a battery of HDR tests, trying to remove the flicker. Nothing seems to help, including a UPS (uninterrupted power supply). Going to try shooting RAW files next; HDR seems to really hate .jpegs. These tests are key - if we simply can't do animated HDR, it's going to change the storyboards (the boards currently involve a moving camera, i.e. animated HDR).

The clock is ticking now, which is good. Gives a sense of urgency. Trying to do all I can right away, without putting stuff off.

Once we get the HDR question settled, we'll finalize the Scene 4 storyboards. Then, we'll do a 'reference footage' session in the studio, in which we film our friend (who is a good 'body actor') with a pair of digital cameras. This is some pretty complicated stuff - he'll be interacting with another 'body actor', quite closely. But, the set spot they will be greenscreened into ain't a flat floor; there's a raised platform. Should be nice and hard.

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