Friday, August 14, 2009

Been doing lots of stuff. Mostly stuff that I can't post pictures of. I'll put some up soon.

We did a green screen test. It was awesome; Dave had a light meter and everything. Light meters are sweet - they look all professional and junk. The test seemed to turn out okay, though we didn't manage to light the greenscreen evenly due to lack of wattage. And we also failed to make it smooth enough. Doing another test very soon.

I spent quite a few hours with the 'Interior Studio; set, positioning little crude foam mannequins of the characters, figuring out the shot angles. I decided to do it like one would do a television series; instead of one unique shot after another, i've got different 'cameras'. Camera 1 is over-the-shoulder Johannes, looking at Cornelisz, another is OTS Cornelisz looking at the model, etc. We'll film our reference footage to match the 'cameras', and then cut the whole thing together in a logical pragmatic fashion.

We had a filming session last night - didn't work. Couldn't get big enough movements out of our actor, and we ran out of time before we could remedy it. Gonna do it myself next time.

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