Saturday, January 19, 2008


I've finally started on the 'Interior Cornelisz's Studio' set. Took me long enough. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to work at home - in the past, i've always had a very hard time doing that. Too many potential distractions. It seems to be wroking, though.

I'm using balsa wood for most of it; turns out its the best material to use - it can be shaped quickly and easily with hand tools (knife, saw, etc.), it's easy to form unusual shapes, it glues very quickly (fir took ages to set up firmly), and it accepts stain well - nice and even. Its lightness is also very beneficial; the 'old style' sets were just difficult to deal with, the sections weighing a hundred pounds each.

I've also discovered that I can push finishing nails into balsa wood with a pair of pliers. Another serious bonus - no clamping and waiting. Its going to make things much faster.

The picture is what I did yesterday. It's a terrible photo; need to get more light in there. I also photoshopped the still into the set design sketch,to see how it's working. In one version, the window is boarded up; wanted to see if I liked that better.

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