Monday, January 14, 2008

The Dreaded Suck

The persistant problem with working on a big project like this, more or less by myself, is the wealth of possibilities. It's almost paralyzing - its hard to commit to any one approach for fear that it could have been better. I also tend to want to make every little detail have significance and be well thought out.

The last two films turned out pretty sub-par, for reasons that weren't clear at the time. When you're deeply immersed in something, and your head is jammed way, way up your ass, its hard to be objective and see things for what they are. Meaning, I know that I have the proven potential to make a peice of shit, and not even realize it at the time.

I'm not that worried though; the first two films revolved around the building of the sets, and the story and animation came last. This time, I know there's a good story there - we worked very hard on hammering it out to its essentials.

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