Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scene 15. Missing a couple elements. Like crows in the roof shots. Thought it would be about 6 shots originally; turned into 19. But it didn't take very long, all in all.

The scene is cooler with voice over and music. And sound would be neat too.

There's one more scene that involves the exterior studio. Gonna shoot that. Then i'mma wreck it and make the 'in ruins' version of it. Then I can get rid of the thing. Running out of space to keep all this crap.


  1. Everything is very neat.
    The flow and the pace looks good too.
    Can't wait to see the full movie !

  2. Every post is amazing! All the details add such depth and richness. The pages are incredible!

  3. Thanks, brahs. We managed to work some on the studio details into the scene. Was kinda bummed out that you never to get to see them up close.


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