Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wee hands. They're not great, but they get a pass. Hands are hard. I made them gloved - a bit of cheat.

There's supposed to be some lighting equipment being ordered, but it ain't happening. It's bringing things to a halt, which is kind of bumming me out. Not much has been happening the last two weeks.


  1. Hi Andrew, I have come accross your site through emmyymme's blog. I wanted to post to say that I am totally amazed with the work you do here. Characters look great and wooden armatures are very interesting to me. I will be following your process.

  2. Great timing - I was going to ask how you did the ball joints for the wrist - did you use a smaller sized ball? I'm having trouble getting things small enough - your guy looks awesome, very iconic looking outfit.

  3. Hello, I'm Shelley and I'd like you to know that your craftsmanship is stunning. I do hope you'll realize that the realism of your costuming is mind blowing.

    Thank you,

  4. Thanks.

    All the balls are the same size. Not sure a wooden armature would work if it was much smaller. These puppets are 1:3 scale (about 24" tall).


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