Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We've been doing more photography test of the set. Some of this shit is pretty dry, but i'll try to lay out some of the technical stuff in case somebody ever reads this and it's beneficial.

We think we're going to be able to do HDR tracks (high dynamic range). That is to say, we'll be able to move the camera itself incrementally (taking a frame each time) to create the illusion of camera movement. This would let us make much more interesting shots. As well, the HDR shots have a graphic, 'storybook' look to them. When you see them with a still shot, they don't look real. But when the camera starts to move, something interesting happens - the objects register as 'real', but strange (good) looking.

The problem has been an extreme flicker that shows up when we do the HDR processing on a camera track. We thought it was just inherent with HDR, but maybe not. What it seems to do is emphasize any flicker dramatically. We also think that our lights are flickering in very subtle ways that don't show up until we process them in HDR.

So, the answer seems to be very long exposures, that average out the flicker. As well, we'll most likely be getting one of them 'power supply' boxes that give you an even, regulated supply.

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  1. very common problem...and very common solutions as well.

    hope it works for ya.



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