Monday, January 19, 2009

Facial Controls
The skin-yankers are turning out to be easier than I thought. There's been glitches - the lines seemed to be firmly attached to the 'skin', but some of them popped off unexpectedly. Not because of the tension from pulling them, but because I bent them the wrong way, and the Krazy glue seemed to have cracked.
But the principle works. Here's how kids! The forehead lines run upwards (the direction they need to be pulled in), through little holes, and to bolts at the top. The bolts are inside nuts (expoxied to the shell). The lines will be pulled by winding them up on the bolts. They're allen-key bolts, and will be accessed through the top of the hat. Gonna be a trap door up there.


  1. Looks awesome! And very very detailed.
    Are you gluing the lines straight to the inside of the latex skin? I've read that embedding a small piece of nylon-tights material into the latex and attaching the line to that can give some extra strength.

  2. I have been gluing the lines to a small patch of dried liquid latex, and then gluing that to the skin. But that way sounds better - i'm going to try it out.


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