Friday, August 01, 2008

Here's what you get when you trace the contours of the foam, and fill in the blanks between (those parts having been removed to allow a full range of movement). Looks a bit like an underwear model.

I'm aiming for proper human proportions with this character - going to be steering for realism overall. I think there's a degree of removal with stop motion animation, likewise with puppeteering - the real within the unreal-looking. I also think there's an eeriness that increases in degree the closer you get to realism. The familiar, but with one degree of removal - like seeing your dad clean shaven after decades with a beard. For example.

Of course it's key that it still ring as unreal; don't want the puppets to ever be mistaken for real actors (not that there's much chance of that happening).

Now all I needs is hands and feets. Feets will be easy; hands are dependant on tests with liquid latex.

Head is going to be interesting.
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