Monday, June 30, 2008

A couple crappy snapshots. It's getting to the final-ish stage, finally. Though there's about another 10 pounds of junk to load in there.

When I design/layout the thing, I always use the camera; either look through the LCD viewfinder, or bring snaphots into Photoshop and draw on them. I drew the stack of stretcher frames before I built them. It's kind of funny - the set actually looks a bit dumb in real life. Strange placement of furniture, and tiny little piles of props in a huge set. But when you turn the camera on the thing, it looks good. Must be doing it right, I suppose.


  1. I'll say you're doing it right!!!!

    Extremely impressive!!!! You're a Design God!!!

  2. ... And you make me feel like such a slacker!!!!



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